Haha…no really…HAHA

Have you ever been told “you seem so mature for your age.”? That’s one I get quite often. Some people are snarky about it, like “why don’t you talk to me when you get a little experience under your belt.” Others, I think, mean well. Then I tell them how old I am and they realize that I’m actually pretty immature for me age...ba ba bomb.

Not to brag, but I do look pretty young. I used to tell people it’s because I’m pickled from all of the dirty martinis (used to meaning that I still do but figured it is not appropriate for a “wellness” blog). I’m sure it’s a combination of nature and nurture. By nature I’m talking about genetics of course. But I’m also referring to a positive attitude and outlook (most of the time) and a lightheartedness that doesn’t allow me to take myself too seriously. I think this combination is pretty powerful when it comes to the fountain of youth and longevity. Oh, and I laugh...A...LOT! And very LOUDLY. Sometimes it’s even appropriate. Most of the time it’s sarcastic and aimed toward something quirky I thought or did. I’m sure there’s a study about what I’m talking about but I’m not really in the mood to be scholarly right now. Maybe google psychoneuroimmunology or laughter yoga and see what you come up with. PM me if you find anything good.

Back to my point. We live in a pretty hectic, cutthroat, sometimes nasty for no apparent reason kind of world. It isn’t all fairies and rainbows and unicorns. It’s tough and can be downright ugly and frightening at times. We can choose to live at that level of existence, or we can choose to wo(man) up, learn mad skills, prove our worth and take a higher road that’s build on curiosity, understanding, open-mindedness, empathy, and embracing the annoying quirks and downright aggravating nuisances that are all part of our amazing personalities. It’s the kind road, the accepting road, the road where I expect to see a bunch of friends and family members. I guess it’s kind of the wellness road. So hop on board. We’re the loud and rowdy table in the back. There’s plenty of stories and laughter to go around. Join us. I can’t wait to get to know who you are. Let’s let loose and laugh and hug and love everyone. And let’s (re)Treat Yourself Well!

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