Managing Expectations

We all have expectations. It’s a part of life. We learn to expect certain things from people. Like the cashier at my local market, I expect that she’ll be her upbeat and cheerful self and when she isn’t I get concerned. Seems pretty reasonable to me.

We have all kinds of reasonable expectations about yourselves in the world around us. This makes sense of the world and creates balance and harmony in our lives. But the flip-side is that we also have unrealistic expectations. Sometimes it can be hard to tell the two apart. Or we may find that what seems realistic to us isn’t at all realistic to other people.

Often times, conflicts arise when our expectations are not met or when we are too rigid or inflexible. These conflicts can be internal or external and aren’t always in our conscious awareness.

Think about these questions the next time you feel slighted or disappointed by someone or yourself. What happened to make me feel this way? What is your relationship with this person? What are your expectations of him or her? Does he or she know these are your expectations? Is it possible that his or her expectations are not the same as yours?

Managing our expectations of ourselves and others can go along way in reducing hurt feelings and negative thoughts and emotions. Until next time...(re)Treat Yourself Well.

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