(re)Treat Your Body Image Well

I am an LMHC, CHT, trained in MBSR and EMDR, and a mind body practitioner. But what really matters most is that I’m also a human being who struggles with the changes my body is going through as I age (as gracefully as possible). I have to admit that I really didn’t have to worry about counting calories or exercise steps until right around 40. That’s when my metabolism came to a screeching halt, hormones began running amuck, and bones and joints started to ache and groan. I could no longer eat whatever I wanted, I was breaking out in pimples and hot sweats at the same, and running became painful during and excruciating the day after. Over the past 5-years, my new body image journey has been about accepting new and fuller curves, the dark spots on my face, and the dark circles under my eyes; learning how to eat in a more mindful,healthier, and sometimes boring way; and finding motivation to get up and move this body in the most enjoyable and least painful ways possible. I’m learning what a healthy body ACTUALLY looks and feels like, while building a greater sense of compassion, patience, and worth -both for myself and others. I’m learning to shift my focus to strengths and abilities, positive attributes and inner values, the whole self. There are days that it stinks, days that it feels weird, and days that feel like I’m on top of the world...and there is the perfect outfit for each of those days (minus the sexy heels)! It’s a journey, but I’m learning to (re)Treat My Body Image Well. I can’t wait to share this journey with you. (re)Treat Yourself Well.

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