(re)Treat Wellness, LLC is currently developing half-day, full-day, and weekend retreats in the Tampa Bay Area that are aimed at improving our relationships with the Self,  others, and the world around us; resolving and accepting past hurts and traumas; and shifting our attention to the people, places, and things that hold the greatest value and importance in our lives.

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Healing Your Past for a Better Future

“Instead of saying, ‘I’m damaged, I’m broken, I have trust issues’ say ‘I’m healing, I’m rediscovering myself, I’m starting over.” ~ Horacio Jones

Do you find yourself ruminating about unmet expectations, the “what ifs”, and “should haves”?  Maybe your heart races and you begin to panic when thinking about “what’s next”.

Harboring resentments, bitterness, and regrets can weigh you down in unexpected and unhealthy ways.  Reminders of “what once was” seem to pop up out of nowhere and have the ability to send you into a tailspin of anxiety about the future and depression over the past.

While endings can be devastating, this can also be a great opportunity to rebuild your relationship with your Self.  It is an opportunity for learning, growth, and empowerment.  This 3-day (re)treat is about healing old wounds, forgiving the past, (re)discovering your truth, (re)igniting your passions, and making connections with like-minded and supportive friends.  Each day begins with a morning meditation, followed by a full day of individual and group therapies, and ends with a celebration of gratitude.  Throughout this (re)treat, you’ll learn the power of staying connected to, and centered in, the present through guided and silent meditation practices, gentle body movements, and mindfulness.  A variety of therapeutic approaches will be used to help you better understand and learn from past traumas and develop a more positive outlook for the future.

Sunday Morning Meditation - (re)Treat Yourself Mindful

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I am a licensed mental health counselor and certified hypnotherapist, trained in mindfulness based stress reduction. My personal experience with meditation and mindfulness have made me a firm believer in the mental and physical health benefits of meditation as a daily practice.

This series is designed to help uncover the myths and misconceptions about meditation, mindfulness, and hypnotherapy. There will be some education and discussion, but the true worth is in the doing. I’ve found that the best way to experience the full benefits of a meditation practice is to...well...sit (stand, lay, recline) in the experience yourself.

The 4-sessions in this series are scheduled on the last Sunday of each month and are meant to build on each other. You are encouraged to journal your experiences between sessions and will have an opportunity to share these experiences at the beginning of the next session. One of the beautiful things about this experience is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. Each sessions is available individually and there is no obligation to attend all 4-sessions.

Space is limited. Parking is limited. Building a community of wellness is unlimited. Please dress comfortably and bring a water bottle and yoga mat. Thank you. (re)Treat Yourself Well.

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